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Hello and welcome to the Montana Outdoorsman blog!  We thought we would share a little about who’s behind the writing on here.

We are Katrina and Bob, we will be sharing about our adventures in the outdoors in our home state of Montana.  We hope to inspire and encourage you and hopefully hear more from you and the ventures you undertake.

Our families have lived in Montana for at least 3 generations. We have grown up in fishing and hunting families and we continue to carry on the tradition.  We not only enjoy these activities but they also support our family.  We stock the freezer every fall and that’s the majority of the meat we use for the rest of the year.  We have helped my parents butcher chickens in trade for some of them, but otherwise we eat almost only wild game.

As you browse through the blog, Bob will be the one who covers a lot of the hunting and fishing experiences, gear reviews, and tips and tricks. And Katrina will be doing more of the the hiking, cooking, gardening,and preserving portion as well as the behind the scenes help.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas.  We are glad you are here!


You can find us here:



email: bob@mtoutdoorsman.com


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